March 4, 2014 Update

Mountain Breeze Drive will be closed at the intersection with North Main Street, Thursday, March 6 for about a week. To access North Main Street, drivers will need to use Red Maple Drive.This closure is needed to lay base asphalt as part of the Givens Lane Widening Project.

Also this week, curb and gutter will be poured from Whipple Drive to Main Street.

There will also be traffic flagging on Givens Lane by Whipple Drive on Wednesday, March 5.


January 14, 2014 Update

Updates for this project may slow down until spring. Meanwhile crews will finish the curb on Main Street, put up signs, clean up the area and maintain the project until the weather clears up.

December 17, 2013 Update

Crews will be off for the holidays December 25-30.

Today Givens Lane will be striped with yellow lines from Winslow to Chickahominy and from Aden to Carroll.

This is a reminder that Givens Lane is closed to through traffic from Main Street to Whipple Drive.

December 3, 2013 Update

This week Givens Lane will be paved, weather permitting.

The rock spillway at Blacksburg Estates has been completed. Road construction at the corner of Givens and Alden should be complete. And sidewalk will be poured at Northside and Carroll. The retaining wall continues to be backfilled at Whipple and Givens.

November 12, 2013 Update

Whipple Drive is now open! However, Givens Lane remains closed from Whipple Drive to Main Street.

Work continues on the retaining wall and on various parts of Givens Lane.

The Northside roundabout is finished.

This week and next, concrete entrances will be poured from Whipple Drive to Aden Lane.

During the week of Thanksgiving, weather dependent, there will be paving throughout the project area.

October 29, 2013 Update

Whipple Drive should be open at Givens Lane next Wednesday, November 6. Givens will still be closed from Whipple Drive to Main Street to through traffic until further notice. Traffic wanting to access to Givens Lane from Main Street need to use Whipple Drive instead. Residents will still have access.

The retaining wall continues to be poured as well as the concrete entrances from Winslow Drive to Kingdom Hall.

The storm drain continues to be extended at Givens Lane and Main Street.

Hopefully next week, Givens Lane from Winslow to Chickahominy will be poured, weather depending.

Givens Lane Closure

Givens Lane will be closed Tuesday, October 29 at the intersection with Whipple Drive. Access to Givens Lane via Whipple Drive only will reopen on November 7. Givens Lane will remain closed to through traffic if accessed from Main Street. This part of the closure will remain in effect until the end of December.

Residents in the area will have access to their houses but through traffic will not be permitted. All access west of Whipple Drive will need to come from the Progress Street direction.

The construction of the intersection requires 2-3 feet of fill to be placed on Givens Lane therefore the road cannot remain open during this phase of the Givens Lane Widening project.

For more information, contact Brandon Steele at 540-961-1172.

October 22, 2013 Update

Striping continues on Givens Lane, weather permitting.

Work on the retaining wall and the concrete entrances from Kingdom Hall to Winslow Drive continues.

Subgrade will be cut and stone laid on Whipple Drive.

Concrete will be removed and replaced on the Northside roundabout.

On Thursday, brush will be burned at t the corner of Main Street and Givens Lane.


October 15, 2013 Update

Work is moving along on the project.

There will be water line work on Givens at the intersection with Whipple. Flaggers will be in the area to direct traffic. There will be no water interruption.

Storm drain works continues on Whipple. Excavation work will be done on Main Street at Givens Lane.

Retaining wall construction continues around 111 Givens Lane.

Concrete pouring continues in Givens and topsoil will be placed around Givens Lane.

Work on Northside Roundabout

Procon is scheduled to come in and work on the roundabout at the intersection of Northside and Givens for the next couple of days. There should be no impact to traffic.